Welcome To The CMBA

The Combat Medical Badge Association (CMBA) is a non-profit organization that provides crucial resources and support to US Army Soldiers and Veterans who have earned the Combat Medical Badge and their loved ones. By becoming a member or donating, you can help fund financial support, job training, education programs, mental health counseling, and support groups for CMB Soldiers and Veterans.

About The CMB-A

The CMB-A (Combat Action Badge) Association and the CMB-A (Combat Medical Badge) Association Board Of Directors unanimously voted at our respective annual 2024 meeting(s) to merge with CIBA (Combat Infantrymen’s Association) to strengthen solidarity between all the members and communities. The CIBA will now assume the leadership/management role of the two additional associations, bringing their history of leadership, dedicated service, honor, integrity, support and organization to all the members. Over the past year, they developed a state-of-the-art web presence, community, social, communications, and association benefits for it’s membership.

About The Combat Medical Badge

The Combat Medical Badge is an award of the United States Army which was first created in January 1945. Any member of the Army Medical Department, at the rank of colonel or below, who is assigned or attached to a ground combat arms unit of brigade or smaller size which provides medical support during any period in which the unit was engaged in ground combat is eligible for the CMB. According to the award criterion, the individual must be performing medical duties while simultaneously being engaged by the enemy; strict adherence to this requirement and its interpretation (e.g., distant mortar rounds vs. direct small arms fire) will vary by unit. As of 3 June 2005, Special Forces medics are no longer eligible for award, but may now receive the Combat Infantryman Badge. A revision has allowed aviation medics to be eligible for the CMB. The non-combat proficiency equivalent is the Expert Field Medical Badge.

The Combat Medic's Creed

My task is to provide to the utmost limits of my capability the best possible care to those in need of my aid and assistance.
To this end I will aid all those who are needful, paying no heed to my own desires and wants; treating friend, foe and stranger alike, placing their needs above my own.
To no man will I cause or permit harm to befall, nor will I refuse aid to any who seek it.
I will willingly share my knowledge and skills with all those who seek it.
I seek neither reward nor honor for my efforts for the satisfaction of accomplishment is sufficient.
These obligations I willingly and freely take upon myself in the tradition of those that have come before me.
These Things I (We) Do So That Others May Live.
Combat Medics never stand taller than when they kneel to treat the wounded!
Saving Lives in the midst of utter chaos!

The Combat Medic's Prayer

Oh, Lord I ask for your divine strength to meet the demands of my profession. Help me to be the finest medic, both technically and tactically.

If I am called to the battlefield, give me the courage to conserve our fighting forces by providing medical care to all who are in need.

If I am called to a mission of peace, give me the strength to lead by caring for those who need my assistance.

Finally, Lord help me to take care of my own spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.

Teach me to trust in your presence and never-failing love.

CMBA Membership And Community

The Combat Infantrymen’s Association has recently launched their new online member center and community features that will also benefit CMBA members and their families interested in supporting our mission to help America’s Warfighters. Our National Commander has worked tirelessly to develop a comprehensive plan, which is now becoming a reality thanks to his dedication, hard work, and financial resources. Join us in supporting our CMB soldiers and veterans by helping them lead fulfilling lives after their service to our country.

Signup Procedure 1: New CMBA Membership Signup

This applies to individuals that are joining for the first time or former members whose previous account is now lapsed due to non-payment and want to establish a new account.   It’s as simple as 1.2.3.

Review the available CMBA membership levels and choose one that meets your qualifications.

Now select that CABA membership level and click on the "Join Button."

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Support Procedure 2: If Or When All Else Fails

This applies to individuals that are currently CMBA members or previously signed up with their current email address, are current in their membership and still can NOT access their CMBA Account. Please access our CMBA online support form, choose the reason “Login Issue” and please fill it out the form completely. Our support team will contact you within 24 hours to resolve any issue you may have.